Middle School & High School Clinics

MC Tennis runs clinics for middle school and high school students every summer. These clinics go beyond fundamentals and are focused on preparing players for competitive match play. Beginners are welcome, as players get divided based on skill level. These clinics are open to all players ages 10-18 regardless of the high school they plan to attend. 

All of our clinics are offered through a drop-in format. Cost is $25 per 1.5 hour session. You only pay for the sessions you want to attend!

Summer Clinics 

Throughout the summer, we offer paid drop-in clinics four mornings per week (M-Th) from 8:30am - 10:00am ($25 per session). 

New this summer - we will also offer drop-in clinics two evenings per week on Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings from 7:00 - 8:30pm ($25 per session).

All registered players are also invited to attend our weekly Match Day Friday from 8:30 -11:00 am (FREE - but registration is required). 

** No clinics are held during IHSAA Dead Week (July 1-5, 2024) -or- on Memorial Day **

Match Day Fridays

Match Day Friday is open to all current/up-and-coming South tennis players, as well as all players who are regularly attending the MC Tennis Drop-In Clinics. There is no cost to participate but registration is required through USTA (link below). While no formal instruction will occur during this time, coaches will be walking around to provide feedback and organize matches. 

The expectation is that all players attending Match Day Friday have a basic ability to rally (keep the ball in play) and know the basics of how to keep score and the rules for play.

** No Match Day Friday during IHSAA Dead Week (July 1-5) **


How do I register?

To register for our drop in clinics or Match Day Friday, you will first need to create a free USTA account.

To register, select the dates you plan to attend and process registration for them all together. Registration doesn't close until until 2 days before each session, so you are welcome to come back and register for additional sessions (as long as they haven't filled to capacity).

Where are the clinics located?

All of our clinics are held at Bloomington High School South. 

What will I learn?

Our middle school and high school clinics are focused on preparing players for competitive match play, including: stroke development, footwork, mental strategy, and sportsmanship. While many of the players in these clinics are at an intermediate / advanced level, beginning players of the appropriate age (10-18) are welcome to attend. 

What do I need to bring?

Every player should bring a tennis racquet, jump rope, tennis shoes, and a water bottle.

How many participants are in each clinic?

Because we offer our clinics in a drop-in format, there is no way to determine how many players will be at each session. Historically, we have run clinics with anywhere from 10-25 players and adjust our plan for the session accordingly.

We always do our best to maintain a player-to-coach ratio of less than 8-1.