All Ages Clinics

MC Tennis hosts youth and adult large-group clinics each summer. Our clinics utilize USTA curriculum and are best suited for beginning and intermediate players. Participants are divided into small groups based on age and skill level.  

Players between the ages of 12-17 are strongly encouraged to consider our separate middle / high school clinics, which are better suited for players preparing to play competitively in high school.

2024 Summer Programming

Youth Clinics

Tuesdays | May 28 - July 23 | 5pm - 6pm | Register

Tuesdays | May 28 - July 23 | 6pm - 7pm | Register

Wednesdays | May 29 - July 24 | 5pm - 6pm | Register

Wednesdays | May 29 - July 24 | 6pm - 7pm | Register

Adult Clinics

Tuesdays | May 28 - July 23 | 5pm - 6pm | Register

Tuesdays | May 28 - July 23 | 6pm - 7pm | Register

Wednesdays | May 29 - July 24 | 5pm - 6pm | Register

Wednesdays | May 29 - July 24 | 6pm - 7pm | Register


How do I register?

Registration for Summer 2024 Opens May 1. 

To register, click the registration links above beside the program offerings. Each participant in your family will need to create a free USTA account.

Do you offer clinics longer than 1 hour?

Players who want more than one hour of training per week have several great options:

Where are the clinics located?

All of our clinics will be held at Bloomington High School South. 

What will I learn?

Our clinics are focused on teaching the fundamentals of tennis, including: stroke development, footwork, rules of match play, mental strategy, and sportsmanship. If you are looking for more advanced training opportunities, you should consider private or small-group lessons

We utilize USTA curriculum as we put together each of our weekly clinics. Below is a rough outline of how each lesson is structured:

Arrive early for check-in & warm-up on your own.


10 minutes: Large Group Demo of Stroke Fundamental of the Day (and transition to small-group courts)

30 minutes: Drills for Stroke Development

10 minutes: Game / Activity with Live Ball Play

5 minutes: Review & Wrap-up


Several short water breaks will be given while balls are being picked up throughout the clinic. Players are encouraged to have their water bottle along the fence and drink from it at any point. 

What do I need to bring?

Every player should bring a tennis racquet, tennis shoes, and a water bottle. If you do not have a racquet (and are not able to purchase one prior to the start of clinics), please let us know ahead of time and we can have one available for you to borrow.

What size racquet do I need?

It is important to ensure all players are using the correct racquet size for their age/hand size. This is a great article on finding the right sized racquet. 

You can get a beginning-level racquet at Target/Walmart/Dick's. However, as players develop, I always recommend that they talk to a racquet specialist at Tennis Warehouse. They can help you find the perfect racquet based on grip size, how much power/control the player wants, playing style, etc. I have been using Tennis Warehouse for 10+ years for all of my tennis equipment and team uniforms. They also have a lot of great Learning Resources on the Website.

How many participants are in each session?

Each session generally ranges from 30-40 participants. However, we do our best to keep our player-to-coach ratio low. Once we are finished with our large group lesson, players are broken up into small groups based on age and skill level. For our youngest players (8 & under), we do our best to maintain coaching numbers of 4-to-1. On our courts for older youth and adults we do our best to maintain ratios of to 6-to-1. 

What is the rain plan?

Unlike other sports that are able to play during a light drizzle or soon after the rain stops, it is NOT safe to play on tennis courts that are wet. We will notify you of any rainouts via email and a credit will be issued on your account to use toward a future enrollment.

Can I make-up a session I miss due to illness or travel?

We staff our clinics based on the number of participants registered in each time-slot and want to ensure the proper coach-to-player ratios are being maintained. Thus, we are unable to allow shifting between time slots to accommodate for missed clinics due to personal reasons.